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Delirious - [Small whitelisted Resonant Rise 4 server] - [looking for members]

Discussion in 'Private Server Promotion' started by Flugbone, Feb 6, 2017.

  1. Flugbone

    Flugbone New Member

    Feb 5, 2017
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    Welcome to Delirious
    Server IP: I will pm you the ip to prevent ddos attacks
    Server Location: centeral U.S.
    Pack Version: RESONANT RISE 4 (latest realease)

    8gb ram : cpu unknown

    banned items

    General Info


    Server Description:

    The server will be small, community based and whitelisted. (Looking for up to 30 players so that there's always activity on the server) There will be a main town with shops, a nether hub, and endfarm with in-between projects. I'd like to make this server community oriented as much as possible so that it lives on!!!

    This server runs on the latest version of resonant rise.

    - Age 16+
    - Experienced Minecraft Player
    (You understand Nether Hubs/Portals, some redstone, building, farming, some pvp, potion making, etc)
    - Experienced Builders (Now I'm not the greatest builder in Minecraft but I sure don't build cobble stone cube homes anymore!)
    - More important than age is to have a very mature playing style. (You respect players, you don't nonsensically pvp or grief things)
    - Gaming PC is a must. (Id like all players to have an optimal playing experience, without a strong rig, it's hard to enjoy your time playing!)
    - Lives in the USA, preferably the East Coast. (Like the previous requirement, this is for optimal connection to the server. Lag is Bad!!!)
    - Will have dedication to this server! (Probably one of the most important requirements. I'd love to see some dedicated participants on the server!!! There's nothing that makes a healthy community more fun than dedicated contributors!)


    NO greifing, this will result in a permanent ban, this incluedes taking items from others without premission, destroying buildings that are not yours, destroying chests that are not yours, ETC.

    NO use of a cheat such as x-ray or a cheat client that gives you an advantage in game.

    DONT be an asshole, seriously, no one likes assholes, we are all just here to have fun.

    Keep in mind you CAN play pranks on each other just USE COMMON SENSE dont do something that is questionable that's just a bad idea in general. This server was made to have a place for like minded minecrafters to form a community and all have fun, you can collaborate with other minecrafters and build projects you can have fun with others just don't be dumb.

    Below is the application setup:

    How Long You've been Playing Minecraft:
    What makes you stick out over the other applicants:
    Have you been on any other white-listed servers, if so why did you leave:
    Why Do You Think You Belong on this Server:
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  2. Mummelpuffin

    Mummelpuffin New Member

    Feb 13, 2017
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    Hey, I'd like to apply if you weren't discouraged by the lack of interest!

    Age: 20

    How long have I been playing Minecraft? Boy, I've been playing on and off since Minecraft was spreading through word-of-mouth in Alpha, where servers were usually just giant concrete rooms in creative mode.

    What makes me stick out over other applicants? I have, I think, a good sense of humor and hope to add something fun to the server overall. I love coming up with... unique ideas (I once created a giant castle with lava fountaining from it's towers for a villain who only wanted to start a 5-star restaurant). It's been a while since I played, so things have probably changed, and while the thing drawing me back in is modpacks I will probably be slow to figure out the tech progression, hence my caveman skin.

    Have I ever been on other white-listed servers? Yeah, I tried hopping into a Gregtech server once, but the general lack of coordination and hermetic players really discouraged me, because I may as well have been playing on my own.

    EDIT: Actually, this modpack runs horrendously, so I don't think I can go through with it.

    Why do I belong on this server? I hope, like you, for a sense of community, not just people who happen to reside on the same server but people who actually interact and make interesting things happen together.
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  3. Michael

    Kage New Member

    Mar 24, 2017
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    Username: Kage076
    Age: 24

    I've been playing minecraft on and off for about 5 years or so.

    Besides for meeting all the requirements (except for living on the east coast) I'm a well mannered, well behaved, and agreeable person. I won't blow up the chat with obnoxious comments and spam. I create unique things with aesthetic value and don't build mechanical monstrosities that threaten to crash the server.

    I would frequent two different whitelist servers. One of them was recently discontinued, much to my surprise and dismay. For some reason on the other one, with the new pack they got, is just laggy to the point it's unplayable.

    I belong on this server because of that same community aspect both of you mention. I like coming online and saying hi to people I'm familiar with. They can see what I've made and I can go see what they're up to. A community server is the only thing that makes minecraft worthwhile. Even if you're on a non-whitelisted server with strangers passing through, you might as well just be playing minecraft alone.
  4. Pyropurple

    Pyare New Member

    Apr 29, 2017
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    Username: Pyare
    Age: 16
    How Long You've been Playing Minecraft: for a few years now
    What makes you stick out over the other applicants: People think im a funny, and a friendly guy, and i always help out a guy in need
    Have you been on any other white-listed servers, if so why did you leave: ive been in 2, both unfortunetaly died after a long run.
    Why Do You Think You Belong on this Server: Because i am a good guy, and i enjoy playing minecraft just like anyone else here.
  5. GrumppyPotatoe

    GrumpyPotato New Member

    Aug 16, 2017
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    Hi! GrumppyPotatoe here!

    Age: 24

    I have been playing Minecraft since InfDev. (A long long time ago)

    I think I stand out over other applicants because I am a friendly and creative guy. I never think of myself and always help and share with others. Plus I feel I can bring a unique side to the server.

    I have been on a few whitelisted servers, however due to life changes and other reasons I am no longer a part of those servers. (One shut down and the other was terrible in terms of community and staff)

    I feel I belong on this server, because I am looking for a server to share my experience and knowledge with, and have fun with other players. I also feel I belong on this server because, as stated above. I feel I can bring my own unique style to the server and be a helpful force to all.

    Thank you for reading and I look forward to hearing from you.
  6. DeadlyKitten574

    DeadlyKitten New Member

    Sep 12, 2017
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    How Long You've been Playing Minecraft: I've been playing Minecraft a few years i first started when it hit beta. I played modpacks when technic first became a thing and have been looking for my ideal pack for a while.
    What makes you stick out over the other applicants:I'm creative and fun. i don't get easily offended and always enjoy joking around with everyone and helping people out. I'm not selfish if you help others ill help you.
    Have you been on any other white-listed servers, if so why did you leave: I've been on a couple servers before but the usually died out as people slowly stopped playing.
    Why Do You Think You Belong on this Server: I'm a skilled builder and while i dont know the in's and out's of every mod in this pack i'm very keen to learn. that's probably the most fun part.

    Look forward to hearing back I would love to hop on the server.
  7. Numbers

    Numbers New Member

    Sep 17, 2017
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    Username: Nnumbers

    Age: 21

    How Long You've been Playing Minecraft: Years... Long enough I don't actually remember anymore. A better way to get an idea of how long is that I have been playing since right around 1.7.4 Beta came out before the original release of the game.

    What makes you stick out over the other applicants: I'm a pretty respective and enjoyable person. I love to help people out (assuming I'm not busy with something). I am on the west coast, but I tend to have little issues with lag. (Most of my lag comes from family members running raids in mmo's). Despite being on the west coast though, my time of which I am on can be very random due to the job I work giving me different shifts during the week based on when they need me. (They also tend to call me in a lot so sometimes I might suddenly log off without saying bye or stuff like that xD).

    Have you been on any other white-listed servers, if so why did you leave:
    I have been on many different servers that have their white-lists active. For the most part, I have usually left them for a variety of different reasons. Things ranging from bad community, server closing down, and simply being busy or losing interest (mainly because they're vanilla and vanilla tends to get boring to me very quickly due to being used to mods xD)

    Why Do You Think You Belong on this Server:
    I'm a pretty skilled builder (and slowly upcoming Redstone builder), I have a ton of experience with using many different mods and if I run into a mod I haven't used before, I make sure to at least play with it so that I can fully experience it. I love to play with other people, but I don't like to play on giant servers where you start to become more of a number than a player.

    I look forward to hearing from you, and I hope you decide to accept me! :)