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Fresh New RR4 Server

Discussion in 'Private Server Promotion' started by Leipreachan, Apr 21, 2017 at 12:05 PM.


Release the goddamned IP Address?

  1. Nah take your time you have 24 hours (Points gun!)

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  2. Let us have it we will deal with all restarts!

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  3. Release when your ready im patient!

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  1. Leipreachan

    Leipreachan Member

    Apr 17, 2017
    Likes Received:
    Server IP: Currently Not Specified

    Server Location: EU

    RR4 with ProjectE Added (It may be nerfed or reduced of whats available)
    Server is from GGServers 5gb lapis premium and its only paid today for an entire year, it isint going down anytime soon! Any contributions will be put towards upgrading the servers size with hopes it keeps itself runing over the years.

    Respect your server mates staff and no direct bullying.
    Basically i expect you to be mature. No age restrictions but any bs immaturity will be delth with.

    Banned items:
    Nothing is banned yet

    DO NOTE:
    Server IP will be released very soon but im just trying to develop a whitelist of people who are interested in joining a fresh community with the future hopes to release to the public. Server is going to be private for now to iron out rules, risky items and build distance restrictions. (Currently no travel distance will be implemented)

    Guess you could say its currently going to be private to build a server family before releasing our doors to the world! Do you want to join Storytime?

    If your interested i guess fill in a form? Question Mark?

    Minecraft Name:
    Age: (Optional)
    Minecraft Background:
    Benefits you may bring to the server when the IP is released!:
    Are you interested in been a staff member when i go looking?
    If you like the server where would you like us to go?
    Recommendations for me?

    I intend to release as soon as i have basic plugins setup which could be today but for now ill say 7 days from now X_X How fast would you want me to get shit done? O_O (Leave that in your reply xD)